As a child, the excitement that came with the visit of an ice cream truck was palpable. Children would race to find any pair of shoes once that jingle rang from down the street. We want to bring back the joy of playing outside and community engagement. Instead of feeding sugar cravings, we want to feed minds with creativity.  With the help of the aRt-V, a mobile arts studio, we believe we can achieve just that!

A recreational vehicle has been donated for this vision. Inside, there will be folding tables, instruments, puppets, and art supplies. One side of the aRt-V will have a window transformed into a puppet theatre that will put on shows for the kids. The goal is to arrive in various neighborhoods, cross county lines, and bring the arts back into communities. The aRt-V will not only provide arts instruction and puppet performances, but it will also have instruments to engage children in drum circles.

Once the aRt-V is complete in maintenance and design, we will take it out for 3 hours per week. In addition to this, we will park the aRt-V at festivals. This will allow children to be engaged at these events in a constructive manner that will feed their creativity.

We expect to participate in one event every other month, at the beginning, with room to increase the number of events we attend. This is a limitless opportunity to bring the arts back into the home. As an extension of the Stacey Webb Arts Foundation and Good Sam Arts, uniting art and soul while serving every variation of children and families.